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who We Are


Fletcher Sewer & Drain was started in 1985 by James A. Fletcher as a one-man operation. In 1996 he partnered with his friends Joe and Teri Marinello. With the passing of Joe in 2004 and Jim in 2009, the company is now a Woman-owned company. Teri maintains a family-oriented and highly professional crew of service technicians who are trained and ready to meet your needs.

As the business has grown, we have been consistent in meeting the needs of both our residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on our service to the community, and our mission is to be the single most reliable company you can turn to when faced with an emergency drain line backup. We also pride ourselves on keeping up with all the latest technology; from high pressure sewer hydrojetters, to the newest and most high-tech camera inspection equipment. 


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✉ Joe Marinello - Office Manager

✉ Dave Lesure - Project Manager

Springfield, MA.
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Northampton, MA.
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Enfield, CT.
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Teri-Eileen Marinello-Mazur

Teri has not only taken the service industry in which we operate to new levels of customer service & satisfaction - she has also fostered an ideology around not just what we do - but how we do it. With an emphasis on treating the customer as if we were working in her very own home in attention to doing everything we can to leave our customers with a smile,

Fletcher Sewer & Drain continues to grow alongside the community in which we operate.



Office manager

Joe Marinello

Joe manages everything from customer and vendor documentation, communication with company & customer representatives, and project research to IT networking, graphic design, and resources for information as well as materials.
An example of the classic 'Jack of all Trades', Joe fills various important roles within the company whenever the need
for such arises. 




CCTV Division Manager

Tony Marinello

Tony is at the forefront of video inspection technology, managing and running our powerful CCTV Inspection Division. With Certified P.A.C.P. Notation and a wealth of experience on both household and municipal drainage systems, Tony provides large property managers, small towns, and even large cities with invaluable information about their drain line infrastructure. With vehicles equipped with the latest technology & remote-controlled robotic tractor camera systems, Tony provides an expert assessment when needed most.   




crew chief


D.J. has worked, for nearly a decade, in every situation and on every drainage issue one could imagine. Our Senior Technician, he manages not only the workforce personnel, but the tools, techniques, and know-how used to make our problem-solving capabilites & customer satisfaction second to none. D.J. doesn't just train our crew, he continues to help them adapt to the latest technologies and procedures of the industry while being at the forefront of development progress himself.